Lol Connectivity During Game

Hi all, While I am currently in contact with Lol support in order to try and solve my problem, I thought someone from the community might also be able to help me. So here's my problem: whenever I play Lol on my home network (and only this network, I have tried on 3 others without a problem), I lose connection to the internet from my laptop completely. Not just connection to the Lol game I'm in, but to everything from my laptop. I have tried both wired and wireless connection, I have tried open DNS, disabling IPv6, every solution given in the Riot troubleshooting pages and more other solutions I can't even remember. The one thing that does fix it (for about 5 seconds), is running the Windows troubleshooter which resets the adapter. Now, as far as I remember, this began after a Windows update was installed. I have no idea which one, but it was for Windows 10. It may be a coincidence that it began after it but it may be helpful to note. I would be inclined to think it was a hardware problem, except it only happens on one specific network. So it sort of has to be a problem/confliction within this network as far as I am aware. However, I have done as much as I can think to do. It is getting to the point that the best solution is to stop playing Lol entirely. Thanks for any help in advance šŸ˜Š

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