Boards changes 22/03/16

Hey all, This is a quick heads up to make you aware of some Boards changes to streamline content, reduce clutter, and increase clarity and visibility. Using feedback from the various volunteer groups (huge shoutouts to all of them!), the boards were originally set up with these goals in mind - however over time we got a better idea of how they were being used, what was and wasn't being used, and how we could improve on things. We're now taking that information and improving your Boards experience in Europe. --- #**Renaming of Boards** **Purpose:** Certain boards aren't entirely clear as to what they're used for, or have some crossover with other boards. While ultimately it's impossible to eliminate this entirely (a video can also be a community creation!), we're hoping these renames will make things a little easier. **Changes:** Community Creations --> Creations & Concepts Team Recruitment --> Teams & Clubs Forum Games & Contests --> Games, Contests & Jokes Community Events --> Community Event Finder These are pretty self explanatory changes - functionality hasn't really changed, but it makes it easier to understand their use and where your content should go. --- #**Retirement of Boards** **Purpose:** Some boards don't get much love - or worst case are simply duplications. To clean some of this up and make sure the process of submitting content is easier, we're retiring or merging some boards. **Changes:** **Maps & Modes:** Even before Dominion's retirement, this board was underutilised and had a lot of crossover with Champions & Gameplay. As such, we're retiring this one, and all content about Maps & Modes should go into Champions & Gameplay instead! **Events & Tournaments:** You've probably noticed we already have two events links. Why? One was a board, the other was the Events & Tournaments finder/creation tool. As such, we're retiring the board but leaving the "Community Events" link for you to submit your local tournaments, viewing parties and meetups (just with a new name as above). **Suggestions & Bug Reports:** This one is a bit more complicated, so we'll explain it. Bug reports are something we can action in the coming patches, is pertinent to existing content, and involves something not working as we intended. Conversely, suggestions are something the community can weigh in on together. Suggestions are a much less "straight cut" process, and not only involve community input, but thoughts and decisions internally on implementing them too. With this move, we're going to retire this board and create a new board solely for bug reports. "What about suggestions?!" I hear you say. Suggestions make much more sense in their "home" board - for example if you have suggestions for gameplay functions, the Gameplay board makes sense. Off-Topic can be used if it **really** doesn't fit in any other category - but ultimately it makes sense that they are amongst other discussions, as that's where suggestions begin and was always the intention. --- #**Reorganising of navbar** **Purpose:** Finally, we come to navigation. This is a small quality-of-life tweak; we're sectioning the navigation bar a little further as follows: **Changes:** - General boards will all be at the top - A further section will be for Advice & Issues (New Player Advice/Help & Support/ Bug Reports) - Adding Story, Art & Sound from NA so you can talk directly to the NA devs! - A final section will be for the "Riot-centric" areas (Service Status, Dev Corner and Red Tracker) --- Ultimately we hope this will make the Boards experience a little less confusing, a little more streamlined, and a lot more fun!
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