[Resolved] [EUW] Clash issues impacting other game modes

#Update: Ranked is re-enabled, and platform should be back to working as intended. Clash is cancelled due to the issues, and we will have further information regarding clash within the coming days - please keep an eye on the news for this information! Hey everyone, **tl;dr: We're aware of the issues with starting games, champion select, etc. and are working on them** Further Context: EUW is one of our larger regions. Part of the Clash test is to find conditions and issues in each region, and work to fix them - which is why we chose one day rather than a full weekend, and have been working across numerous regions to do tests. So far, most regions have launched Clash successfully during these one day tests - and those that experienced issues were corrected for future clash tests. EUNE launched simultaneously today with EUW and showed none of the same symptoms. While EUW is showing issues at the moment, this will provide us with useful information on what went wrong and improving processing to avoid the same issue cropping up in the future.

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