(Re)Introducing - the Emissaries!

http://i.imgur.com/t0BbBfM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t0BbBfM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t0BbBfM.jpg In days long past, you may have seen these folks around already: forum users with a green name and a green icon. The Emissaries were a group lost to the past, both in role necessity and personnel changes, as well as the transition from Forums to Boards. However, in a joint expedition with our existing volunteers as well as the German volunteer group (Rabadon tip to you guys for the help!), we have found archives detailing the Emissaries, and their long lost heritage! Over the coming days and going forward, you'll begin to see some green names pop up around the boards. These are our new Emissaries. The Emissaries are a small group of Volunteers who get involved with everything that is related to the community. The Emissaries help moderate the forums; forward important ideas, questions, problems and feedback; organize projects and events; and are the points of contact for everyone. Their knowledge and experience helps them to support and promote constructive discussions and solve a lot of problems. A lot of our Emissaries also have a keen interest in [**Player Behaviour**](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en) related areas, and helping players to understand their restrictions, why they happened, how to avoid them, and encouraging reform overall. As with all our volunteer groups, their name will not show green in PB, but they will still be around assisting in questions and trying to help people understand the punishment systems, what they look for, and how to reform if they've already been punished. The Emissaries are pillars of the community who stand out for their knowledge, helpfulness, constructive posts, ideas, enthusiasm and most importantly, their joy in helping other players. **So what can the Emissaries help you with?** - If you have a problem or a question about anything related to the game (player behaviour, matchmaking, fan art etc.), the Emissaries can often help. Either they'll know the answer or will be able to get one. - If you need guidance or advice for organizing an event, create a community or plan a project, the Emissaries are able to help. - If you have an idea, the Emissaries can give you valuable feedback. - If a discussion on the boards escalates and turns into a flame war, the Emissaries can step in and enforce rulings. - If you have a problem with either your behaviour or another players, the Emissaries can help you to deal with the situation. **How do the Emissaries help you?** - They are active on the boards. If you write a thread on the boards, it’s most likely an Emissary will see it sooner or later. Especially if you managed to keep it constructive ;) - If you want to contact individual Emissaries, use the usual methods like social media or adding them to your friendlist in the client. - Last but not least, Emissaries help unseen. Moderation or discussions with Rioters are just two examples for this kind of “behind the scenes” help. **What are Emissaries NOT?** Emissaries are focused on the social interaction between players. If you have a technical problem (FPS problems, unstable connection, bugs etc.), you should continue to use Help+Support for the Wrenchmen to help out, or [contact Support](http://support.leagueoflegends.com). - Emissaries are NOT Rioters. They don’t get paid and everything they do is voluntary, they don’t HAVE to do or say anything. Although Emissaries normally have quite a deep insight in a variety of topics, their words **should not be mistaken for official statements**. - Emissaries are not told to be “pro-Riot”. Providing constructive feedback for Riot is one of the main tasks of all Volunteers. - Emissaries won’t be able to tell you release dates of skins or any other “secret stuff”… because they simply don’t know it. - Emissaries are not pro players. Although most Emissaries have a lot of gaming experience, they are not selected because of their MMR. **This sounds a lot like what I do/others do...** You're probably correct! As with all our volunteers, we choose them to be examples in their area, and because they have already been doing this. Their behaviour, more often than not, does not change - we are simply giving them a little extra support, as well as visibility around the boards. As with other programs, we'll continue to keep an eye out for people showing these behaviours and reach out to them to expand and join the program, as and when we see people we feel would be a great fit! --- Final note: Always keep in mind that Emissaries as well as Wrenchmen and Instructors invest their free time outside of school, work or university to help people without getting anything for it…except the joy of helping others. So please treat them with respect and understand that, like other players, they don't always have the answers. All our volunteers are just players like you guys, and just want to help you as and when they can.

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