[RESOLVED] Login Issues to LoL, Website and Mobile App [05-06-17]

# UPDATE: 05-06-17 @ 19:37 BST > We have made some changes to login and players are now able to log in. Please note you may hit a large login queue due to the amount of players attempting to connect, but once through this you should log in as normal. Original Message: > Hey all! > We are continuing to investigate an issue resulting in players being unable to login. This impacts: > - Web Logins (Boards, Player Support) - Mobile Logins (League Friends app) - Game Logins (League of Legends) > We have found and fixed the root cause, however due to an overwhelming amount of traffic logins remain slow to clear. We are working on scaling up the resources we have handling these logins to make this go faster for all players. --- --- --- --- --- --- For those interested in the technical synopsis of the issue: > #Initial Cause: Today a change was made to our DNS, which inadvertently temporarily routed all login traffic to one instance (rather than being spread out globally across multiple instances.) --- > #Catalyst: This change was reverted almost immediately - but unfortunately that large influx of traffic resulted in causing some load issues on the instance that traffic was directed to. By the time our DNS had returned to "pre-change", we had so many players attempting logins simultaneously that this caused the same issues on our distributed instances. --- > #Resolution Attempt: We began scaling up our systems to handle more traffic, however due to it being peak time in Europe and other regions, the amount of login attempts were extremely high (pretty much as high as they could have been without it being a weekend or special event) - and the overall stability of these systems encountered issues. This resulted in the scaling not working as intended (as the entire cluster was encountering problems) - which further exasperated the problem. --- > #Final Resolution: We finally scaled up another region and took the European cluster offline - forcing all traffic that had been hammering that instance to go to another (that we had already scaled up in preparation).
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