[Finished] Riot vs Community - EUNE Edition! (25th of January 2017!)

Riot vs Community - EUNE Edition! EU Community!

Have you ever wanted to test yourself against a Rioter? Ever wondered just what our playstyle is like? Just fancy having some fun with Riot for an evening? We’re going to be hosting a Rioters vs Community night, and you’re invited!

Riot vs Community Games!

What is this, and when is it happening?

What's your skill levels, Rioters?

What skill level are you looking for?

How many games are you playing?

Will everybody get a game? Can I play multiple times?

What game modes are you playing?

Okay I'm interested, where do I sign up?

EUNE? What about EUW? :-(

Some Rioters who have confirmed their attendance throughout the evening:

- Riot Eambo
- Riot Cosantoir (Croissant)
- RiotMasterCheese
- Riot Fiona
- Riot Xtasia
- littlebunnyteemo
- Verdaloth
- Riot Costy

As you can see not all Rioters have Riot in their name, so you may see some ninja Rioters throughout the night too! :-D
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