There's a HUGE amount happening in Ireland this month! As the summer gets even closer and gaming events start to ramp up all around Europe, let’s take a look at what’s coming up in Ireland! **Insomnia Ireland - Kerry** 10-12 June Happening this weekend, Multiplay are taking the renowned Insomnia gaming festival to Ireland for the first time this summer to the INEC Killarney. Currently the largest gaming event of its kind in the UK, with a huge amount of events to their name already, Insomnia promises to be an epic event for Irish gamers! As always, Insomnia will be hosting a BYOC League of Legends tournament over the duration of their event. If you’re planning on going or even thinking about it and you want to take a shot as grabbing the prizepool for you and your team, you can find all the [tournament information you’ll need right here]( Insomnia offer a range of tickets, from day passes to BYOC passes with accommodation. You can learn more by [clicking here]( **Q-Con XXII - Belfast** 17-19 June Now in its 23rd year, Q-Con continues to grow its roots as a staple event for gamers situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For the second year running, Q-Con will feature League of Legends as part of its esport schedule. Will last year’s victors, Ferocity Black, be dethroned or will they continue to reign as the Champions of the North? If you and a group of friends feel like taking your skills on the Rift to a live event, you can find out more information about the League of Legends tournament being hosted at [Q-Con XXII right here](! If you’re unable to field a team but you want to head along to check out all the great events or cheer on your friends, ticket information can [be found here]( **G-Series 8 - Dublin** 2-3 July Returning for the second time this year and now in its eighth rendition, G-Series offers what is commonly held as the highest level of competitive play for League of Legends in Ireland. With three separate divisions all being [broadcast regularly]( to determine the finalists, the competition has never been so strong. Who will rise triumphant? If you're not one of the players already competing, but you want to show your skills on the day, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so as there's a room dedicated solely to on the day play with everyone from 5v5 Summoners Rift to the fastest jungle clears. Also featuring community gaming events for League of Legends open to everyone at the event, from Bronze to Challenjour, it’s an event not to be missed! You can find [ticket information here]( and [general event information here](! If you’ve never been to a live eSport or gaming event in Ireland before, now’s the time! With such a wide variety happening from North to South over the next month, it’s sure to be a blast! p.s. Rumor has is that there's going to be plenty of goodies up for grabs at all these events too.... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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