The loss of a great community member Hello everyone, It is with a heavy heart and a great sadness that I write today - **Florian “xCillion” Pircher** passed away peacefully on Friday (25th of March). As you might know, xCillion was one of the most active members of the EU Volunteer program that I can recall us ever having. He made nearly 7000 posts in under a year on Boards. Like, holy crap. He started off as a Wrenchman with very little technical knowledge - but was always willing to learn and improve. He felt more suited to the Emissaries and shifted over there when we launched the program - still lending help and support to the Wrenchies, and making his way to a more senior position within the program in an incredibly short time. He visited us here in Dublin last year along with some other volunteers, and I truly believe he had a most enjoyable time. It was great to meet with him, discuss ideas with him, and he brought so much to the program that he became a friend and a mentor to all the Volunteers. Many of you may have spoken to xCillion during your time on Boards, but he has definitely improved everyone’s experience whether you interacted with him directly or not. Additionally, his activity on the German and Italian boards was through the roof, and he was fundamental in assisting and helping set up the volunteers on the Italian side of things. His most-played champion was Braum, and I couldn’t think of a more suitable champion to represent xCillion as a person, so we reached out to community artist [Konnestra]( to show how grateful we are for his passion and his effort. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends right now. GGWP. *Note: if you would like to send condolences to xCillion’s family, please arrange it with an Emissary or Wrenchman in the comments below.*
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