EUNE - Removal of enforced "low spec" mode

**tl;dr: We're removing enforced low spec mode which may negatively impact some players - consider enabling it before the change!** Hey everyone! As many of you know, when we introduced the new League of Legends client, we performed a lot of optimisation to make the client smoother, particularly in lower specification computers. Part of that involved adding the "Low Spec" mode, which disables animations and other "eye candy" effects in favour of a potentially smoother experience on affected setups. We noticed a disparity between some regions experiencing higher dodge rates than expected, and enforced "low spec" mode server wide while working on improving the client, and to monitor the performance impact this had. We are now at a point where performance has evened out across all regions, so we're going to be disabling the enforced low spec mode soon. > **WHAT THIS MEANS** When we make this change, you may notice more visual eye candy (YAY!), however on some lower spec. computers this may come at a cost of performance (BOO!). As such, we advise that you enable low spec mode in advance: Doing this will keep your performance exactly as is right now. You're free to turn this option off if you wish, however we would advise maybe trying out a custom game to avoid any unwanted consequences (IE: Dodging) due to lower performance (eye candy requires more resources to show smoothly, which is why we allow you to turn it off.) We will be making this change at around 4-5am CEST on Friday, so you'll have plenty of time to change your settings before then.
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