(Re)Introducing - The Volunteers!

Re-Introducing: the Volunteers!

As some of you may have noticed, our volunteers have recently had a change of colour and an update to their logo. We thought this would be a great opportunity to reassert what volunteers are (and are not), and some common questions we get around them!

Who and what are the Volunteers?

The volunteers are groups of League of Legends players, just like you guys, who go above and beyond in their interactions with the community. This is in different areas and focuses, but basically these guys did a lot, we noticed, and asked them would they like to join the group. In the European English program we currently have the following groups of Volunteers:

Wrenchman-icon The Wrenchmen - mainly focused around Help & Support - answering questions and helping with tech issues. Getting you back on the Fields of Justice is their top priority!

Emissary-icon The Emissaries - a wide discipline with focuses on community interaction, and some keenly interested in Player Behaviour. These guys interact all over the boards, encouraging positive engagement, competitions and contests, understanding player behaviour better and encouraging reform.

Adjudicators-icon The Adjudicators - volunteers that work closely with us to ensure the smooth operation of some tournaments (such as battlegrounds). They know the ruleset inside out as well as how to deal with any potential tournament issues you might encounter. (Note: This group is currently only highlighted in the Battlegrounds boards)

Volunteers also do a majority of moderation on the boards. They're also pretty flexible! You'll find Emissaries helping out in Help and Support, Wrenchmen weighing in on Player Behaviour issues - so don't be surprised when you see a green name next time you're asking why you're lagging! ^_^

You can find more information regarding the Volunteers on their official website (it's new!). Note that this is not an official site and is entirely owned and maintained by the volunteers.

Frequently asked questions

Are the Volunteers Rioters? Are they paid?

As the group name would suggest, the volunteers are entirely voluntary - they spend their personal time to help out on the boards. They are also not Rioters. Anything a volunteer says or does is of their own accord. If something is broken? Not their fault. If they're trying to help you - don't bite their head off - they're literally just trying to help. They are no more accountable for the issues you experience than your friends in LoL - they are just trying to help.

We keep in close contact with our Volunteers, and they can escalate pressing issues or common pain points to us. We use this connection for anything we may not see trending, issues we may have overlooked, or just things the volunteers may have noticed as common questions they don't have the answers to.

How do you choose volunteers?

Previously, we've attempted many methods of choosing volunteers. We've tried recruitment, and found that it just didn't work for us at the time. We're back to our old method, which is choosing people who already exemplify what we're looking for. This again may change in the future, but right now we are not recruiting and are actively seeking members of the community who exemplify the types of traits we like to see in our volunteers :-)

What does this mean? For example, we pick people from Help and Support who are doing an awesome job of helping out, staying active, and we can clearly see they're willing to learn.

For Emissaries, engaging around the community in a super positive way and remaining active - these are the kinds of things we look for. Basically, if you're doing what a volunteer does anyway - chances are we'll reach out to you ^_^

Why do volunteers sometimes show colours, and sometimes they don't?

In the European English program, it was decided to not show colours in the "Player Behaviour" board. This was because we want player behaviour discussions to be driven by other players, and we felt that showing colours in this board might result in other responses being ignored, or these responses being targeted specifically due to the fact they had colours in their name.

This is something we may revisit in the future, but for now - this explains why you don't see volunteer colours in Player Behaviour :-)

What about the Instructor program?

Some of you may recall we tried an Instructor program about a year back - designed to help new players learn the game, and older players to improve. While a great idea in theory, the practicalities of it make it difficult - scaling a group that size just isn't feasible right now. The Instructors program has been put on the backburner - it may be something we revisit in the future, but for now it's been shuttered.

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