legit boosted player, where do I leak his name cuz reporting doesnt seem to work

So there's a guy, boosted from D5 to masters (low D5 constant for 1 year and then masters in less than a month), paid probably over 350$, got his acc back on 7th Nov. just right at the season end, fresh with masters border and 70% winrate it's pretty obv he's boosted, you can still see on his opgg the day he got his acc back, flash went from F to D, from Jax/Camille/Draven rankeds, to only normals zed/pantheon mostly, his normals mmr is somewhere in the shtter, he plays with 70%wr master acc vs silver/gold consantly ;D guess why made tickets, 1 week passed he's still online, it's against tos to put his ign here right? idk where to put it so ppl report him, lets give this guy a kick, someone curious about the nick, pm here why I am doing this? cuz he was an a** ingame while feeding silver midlaner lol...
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