Diamond V 1000 + Games Eve - My thoughts on the rework.

Firstly I can safely say that the current Eve was perfectly fine in this meta/season and the past seasons I've never had any trouble playing her from Plat through to Diamond ranks across my accounts. And in terms on my experience of the champ I have played in excess of 1000 games across my accounts and achieved remarkably decent stats on this account in terms on win % and kda none the less I was aware that the rework was on it's way, and on the whole I don't have an issue with it if you take away the ultimate.... The entire kit looked great and relatively balanced until I got to the ult, removal of mana regen, and instant stealth for a trade up on a little more damage on the Q skill shot, and some increased cc and gap closers lovely stuff nice mechanics, but honest to god the ult simply doesn't make any sense at all. On the forefront I could see the potential if Eve has enough damage to jump in and burst down a champ and then use the ult to disengage except I simply can't fathom how that's possible with her new kit, so why is this my view? Current Eve ult - Provides nice base damage - Nice aoe slow - Oh and a shield an absolute must for an Eve to be able to sustain a teamfight and reliably engage with our for her team you will just insta die otherwise All of these factors outweigh the new ult but the main factor is the ability to get a shield it's an absolute must on Eve or pretty much most glass cannon melee champs to simply allow them to survive the engage, Diana has a shield, Riven has a shield, Aatrox no shield but in built sustain and passive, Camille isn't even a glass cannon and has a shield and a solid disengage, Elise rappel, Fizz E ect.... I think you get the point. Eve in her current state has no hard mobility, but that shield allows her to consistently stick with the team in teamfights, and output the required damage to actually be useful, and her ult actually allows her to engage not disengage from the fight. This new ult only makes sense if she has the ability to assassinate a target, which with the changes in her kit I can't see how that is possible, she simply doesn't have enough initial burst damage to kill someone her Q does more sustained damage over 3 AA if you hit it, and E is now a gap closer rather than a burst spell, W serves literally no purpose in an assassination attempt other than to get a slow proc, and the reason you can't get the 3 AA proc of Q off is because you have zero defense mechanisms to survive the engage oh but don't worry we can do maybe 200-600 (With ult hard to tell how much as I have no idea on the reworked stats as they have no been released yet) damage and then use our ult to take ourselves out of the fight to save our skin, and it appears to take us far enough out that we can't even E back in assuming the CD of E has come back in this time. I should note that it is indeed possible to assassinate a target with the new kit, if and only if you can get your Q procs off and not get insta killed first. And in terms of ganking I see no issue with the overall kit it is pretty much on par with the current one simply because you don't need to worry about the surviving in the same way you do in teamfights, but that on the whole makes the new Eve so much more weak than the current one due to how little she can offer in a teamfight compared to the current one. It's even shown in the how to play Eve clip that she can assassinate the Ziggs.... After sitting on the side doing NOTHING for 5 seconds, to then only damage one super squishy champ and nearly die oh and I should also mention that initially she is only going in vs 2 enemies rather than an entire team...? I think obviously this is hard to accurately analyse this rework without knowing the ratios & CD's on her new spells but on the whole this seems nothing like the Eve I know and love simply because of the ult, it just seems like such a crappy alternative to her current one, I'd be interested to hear from Riot themselves on some clarification on how she is actually meant to work or whether she has had her stats changed to fill the role of a tankier role rather than assassin but it clearly doesn't seem this way. So finishing notes ; - Ult provides poor mechanics for Eve's playstyle - No shields - Her ability to actually do anything in teamfights is horribly minimal or situational on your team getting them low or mitigating the focus off of you which is highly unlikely - You're how to play Eve video is only 16 seconds long and neither clip shows anything of merit, makes me question the whole rework cause you can't even seem to provide decent footage of how the new Eve could actually be useful in teamfights :/
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