Hard stuck Silver 2

Ok so as you see in the title i m hard stuck in silver , how to put this guys i have never been in silver1 because everytime i reach Max 60LP i dont know how and why (i dont blame anyone,only myself) i get really bad teammates the feed is real , like they say . I have been trying to get pass silver2 for a very long time , i started using https://mobalytics.gg/ witch i like it very much btw because it says my weak links and i watched leaguecraft101 series to see what i do wrong ....maybe is in front of me and i cant see it because i m on autopilote in the game ?maybe , maybe not...before i come here to writte last game this is what happend Hard feed top-3/10 , mid-0/7 ,my support was below average hitting minions with Q (morgana) and i did the most damage anyway , my point is that i m afraid to enter next game because it will happen the same thing and i will go on tilt until i get demoted to S4-S5. What is the next step for reaching S1 ?
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