Eve main D5 the rework...

First off I made this post a while back https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/battlegrounds-en/649PHZrE-diamond-v-1000-games-eve-my-thoughts-on-the-rework Pretty much highlighting why I think the changes are bad but after playing her I can safely say that I stand by everything I said in my original post and if not more so... That post very clearly highlights everything I think is wrong with Eve's rework so I wont go into a huge detail about that here. Let me first say that I have mained Eve for over two years and had fairly admirable stats in D5 with her 65% win rate 5:00+ kda over hundreds of games this season alone so I'm speaking from a pool of experience. So she now has the lowest win rate in the entire game at 42% which to me is a great indicator straight off the bat that the rework has really missed it mark. Her q is ok it does do a lot of damage but seems relatively fiddly to use well and kite with in the jungle but all in all it's ok I don't think it's in any way an improvement on the old version though. The W man this to me seems like such piss poor step down from her previous W. Her previous W allowed her to close the gap between her and her enemy much more effectively and allowed her to skirmish with much more success in teamfights with the reset upon assists and kills oh and it didn't let the enemy know she was there until she uses it. The current one man... I mean it's great that it has such a large range to cast it in except that casting it from mid to max range is relatively pointless as any half decent/aware player is just going to back off to deny the slow/charm also 2.5 seconds seems like a huge delay to get the charm up especially as Eve no longer has any MS boost to help her stick to the target or close the gap (Her E's range is pitiful...) and yes you can pop the charm with your Q but as I've said any decent player isn't going to stick around for 2.5s to allow you to charm. Her E damage wise fine but again I don't see it as an improvement on her old pretty sure it does less damage and doesn't benefit from an AS boost, the leap range from stealth is possible the smallest gap closer in the game and rendered practically useless. Her ult does a ton of damage on low enemies, which is great if you want to rely purely on your SOLOQ(bananaQ) team on engaging for you taking all the damage and getting them low enough so you can use it effectively and I mean come on that happens all the time in soloQ :D There is also the fact that you get taken out of the fight the moment you use it with no MS boosts from the W now to close the gap and get yourself back into the fight. As I said please read my original post highlighting in detail everything I think is wrong with the new kit. The key note that I have noticed is that she lacks mobility, she lacks any decent engage, & she lacks the ability to kite. But what I've noticed is that Kayn as far as I can see does literally everything her kit does but better, Aoe with Q with a gap closer, it clears better than her q, is considerably easier to use, has a larger gap closer than her E, can heal, but has a higher cd W has a knockup which again is easier to use, can AOE knockup, spectral form can be cast while moving and does tons of damage imo flat out destroys Eve's W in every aspect E Oh whats that's a MS, Wall surfing heal to help engage and disengage Oh and then the best bit of all his R, yes Eve's R is AOE it has that going for it but again it's horribly situational on when it will be a good time to use it and you can't choose whether you want to jump back or not, Kayn's on the other hand does huge burst damage, heals, stays untargatable for longer oh and can choose where you want to come out and when :D But yes Eve does get Stealth at lv6 with her piss poor engage, which Kayn doesn't. All in all I want to thank you Riot for ruining my favorite champ of two years, I personally would have to say that this has got to be one of the worst remakes that has yet to hit the rift. My apologies if this post seems a bit rambly but I'm a little upset about the changes ;)
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