Greetings summoners! It's my first time postin on english boards, but I think this needs to be dealed here where most of us stay. First of all: Yeah, old URF had problems (everything was Zed, Evelynn, Hecarim...), but Riot fixed Hecarim removing his Q's passive, and they could do something with Zed aswel (Eve now... shouldn't need a nerf for old URF). In the other hand, ARURF was a random mode with same features, which didn't really dissapoint me: I could try many different things on many different champs that I never thought. But now... This ARURF winter mode s*cks so bad. You got a champ pool of about 60 champs (they said somewhere but I saw in 5 games the same champs), you can't chose your summoner's because you got that snowball and flash (yes, or yes). Second point: In my opinion, ARAM was possible to be played in custom games first as long as people could create games with random picks in that old tutorial map we veterans remember. Why can't we players create custom URF games? URF is a mode with many lovers (I'm one of them), or even add URF as an alternative mode to ARAM as Dominion was (miss you babe). We had, back in days: Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, ARAM and Dominion as gamemodes. Today we got the 3 first ones and some random crappy modes in weekends for 2 days. What if one day I want to play one fast game but I have only 30 mins to play for example? I had dominion in the past if that happened, but now I can't :D So, this is my poll for you guys: Should they add URF or ARURF (the "good" one) as an alternative mode everyday or not?
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