Low elo struggles

So i have a question for you all you lolers on eune. I was in silver last season and teammates there weren't so bad. This season i played my promos on crappy pc and despite knowing it will affect my games big time, i proceeded to play cause i wanted to so badly. I finished in bronze 4 and now i am in bronze 2. I go from 98 lp to 20 and back. Up and down, up and down.... It is like that for weeks. The biggest problem isn't me in this case. I am trying to be as good as I can and in past 2 to 3 months I have gained much more knowledge about this game than in past 2-3 years (I wasn't active when I first started playing. I was playing lol 2 or 3 times a week. And then i would pause for 3 or 4 months after a while...) So back to topic: as I said I gained some knowledge or at least I think so. At first it was hard for me to carry out my goals but then i got mechanically better as the time passed, cause I was playing a lot of games. I main mid lane but i can play every other role, and adc is the position where I perform poorest. I play jungle next to mid lane and I hate how people can't set up ganks for me so i rise on enemy mistakes (going to deep to our side etc... Now back to mid lane: I love to play and I have mastered TF. Next to him I play Viktor, Ahri, Annie, Veigar. The biggest problem is that my jungler sees i am being harrased and he comes despite me telling him not to. I want him to gank if the enemy is really low or if he thinks he can kill him but when they dont have flash ofc, which is not the case in many games. I tell him to focus bot and top lane if needed and not waste time on my lane so that the bot will have better chances at winning and he wont waste xp coming to mid lane 3 or 4 times and unsuccessfully ganking. BUT! Not only he forgets what i told him, but he comes out to gank like the biggest fool, I mean he is just walking towards the enemy who is under his own turret... I can do pretty well on my own on mid lane and i like to get my cs first and when i hit six maybe roam if i cleared the wave... As TF when i see Fizz/Zed/Yasuo/Kata who aa first minion as soon as they come to mid for the first wave I see I have really good chances for the win. The reason is that as the melee champs they should last hit, poke when they can and should have minions under they turret not mine. But NO! They push like hell and ☺ (Yasuo is exception tho, cause he is a op harasser who gets cocky late game and drops harder than anyone. Or he just destroys you cause he is Yasuo. I mean cmon what the hell is wrong with his early game...) Back to topic again. So I want my jg to focus bot more than me as much as he can so the bot can do well and I love when my adc is doing well cause with every death that adc suffers i have less chances of wining. Jungler doesnt listen. He tries to gank and dies. Bot follows him and they die as well. They flame him. He flames them. GG! I want to know how the hell should I get out of this toxic hell without loosing my nerves. Im no Fekar have that in mind!, so pls if you had same struggles but overcame them share with me your knowledge senpai! Sry for the Long Long post and ty in advance :* <3 {{champion:4}}
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