UK & Irish National Tournaments are now live!

With a new year comes a new opportunity to test your skill on the Rift. We’re excited to unveil the updated Battlegrounds platform to UK and Irish players! Many of you will recall that in early 2015 we launched [tournaments on the Battlegrounds platform]( in the UK and Ireland with plans to hold several qualifier tournaments over the year using mass, single elimination brackets. However, it wasn’t a fantastic experience for everyone. We took your feedback, and we decided to put a hold on the rest of the qualifiers until we were able to work with the Battlegrounds development team to address your concerns and deliver a much more fun and balanced experience! #New Team Creation We’ve decided to move away from using ranked teams as a form of team management on Battlegrounds and have since opted to keep team creation and management entirely outside of the League of Legends client. From the [Battlegrounds Homepage](, once you have logged in, you can create and/or manage any teams you are a part of without using the Ranked Teams feature of the client. Team creation is as simple as picking a team name and hitting the Create button! To fill out your roster (up to a maximum of 9 players), you just have to share an invite link from your team management page to anyone with a League of Legends account on your server. #A Central Information Hub We ran into issues when the captain of a team was unavailable to pass the dates and times to the rest of the squad, and while there is some transferrable management skill and experience you wouldn’t get otherwise, we agreed that this is not an ideal method of getting you into your games. All members of a team will now be able to access the team hub which displays details of the current team roster, which tournaments the team has entered, the tournament code and timings for the match and adjudicator chat channel (in case of disputes or concerns). This way, if your team captain is unavailable you’ll still have access to all the information you need for your matches! #Tiered Tournaments Single elimination is fast, but brutal. You might have been randomly assigned a team of Challengers in your first match, or the first and second favourites of the tournament knock each other out on the same side of the bracket. To try and make matchmaking fairer, we’ll now be operating tournaments that are open to players who sit between certain ranks. In our first iteration, we will be segmenting the tournaments into the following tiers: Bronze V to Silver I, Gold V to Platinum I and Diamond V to Challenger. This does mean that everyone signed up in the ranked team must fall between these tiers, and hopefully the experience you gain as a group can level you up by the time the next tournament comes around! --- [**SIGNUPS ARE NOW OPEN**]( for the following tournaments and will close on 25/02/2016 at 23:50 GMT * The Banter Brawl - Bronze V to Silver I * The Cheeky Challenge - Gold V to Platinum I * The Top Kek - Diamond V to Challenger **Tournament Rules ** You can find the tournament [rules here]( **Prizing** Prizes will consist of Riot Points and Triumphant Ryze. You can see a break down of how prizing will work in the [tournament rules ]( **Game Times** Games will be played by 7pm on Saturdays and Sunday until the tournament brackets are complete. A full schedules will be made available when the brackets are generated on Friday 26th. Teams do have the option to mutually agree to play earlier than the 7pm deadline, only if the tournament code is used and only if it is a mutual agreement. Please read the rules for more information on game start times. Looking for a team? Head over to [this post](! Oh and just a heads up, if any teams names are too _banterful_, we reserve the right to change your team name without notice ;)
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