Can't start the game,crash

So,around 6pm (before 15 minutes) i wanted to play a game. Open Launcher,get to client,choose roles,get to champ select..everything going fine..and then,nothing,get to loading screen and just crashes,giving me a bugsplat..trying to recconect,same i exited client,try to reopen,but when launcher loaded,i get a message **POSSIBLE DATA CORRUPTION DETECTED - Sorry! We've detected some possible data corruption in your installation. Would you like to repair the affected files?** I ignored first time,try to launch,but nothing im now repairing 'corrupted files'.. And also,i will lose that ranked LP,and probably you will punish me with some games in lower waiting que... Thank you very much Riot,u made me feeling as a fool with spending money for RP and spending a lot time to play this game,thank you!

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