Is drophack real?

We were winning 3-0 dragons ahead, baron buff, one inhib destroyed while we had most of our towers. Suddenly **whole** my team gets dc, after 10 min we come ingame appereantly all were dc, except for one who leads us with 4/5 lvs all of sudden, not sure if others were DC from enemy team but that Riven was the most obvious. Some of our team mates didnt reconnect and we lost. Either those guys were insanely lucky being the only ones not to DC or its the a drop hack. Is this worth reporting? Here is the match result and the names if the Mods want to check on them. After the match my team got angry in chat accusing enemy team of drop hack, and I was like what the hell is that? After further analysing the graph gold it seems some of enemy were indeed still active while my whole team was trying to reconnect.
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