I'm sick and tired of the voting system...

Ok, I'm calling it as I see it, but something needs to change about the voting system, and quick. There's a reason Facebook only has a 'like' button and not a 'dislike' button (unless to recall your like). It's to deal with immature people who can't even discuss the topic. The worst thing about the voting system is, you don't even need to click on the thread to downvote it. You can do it all from the subforum overview, which I find absolutely repulsing. The gang mentality that is the voting system is the worst in Team Recruitment, where teams deliberately vote down other people's threads just because they want to be the most upvoted. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. Therefore I suggest that all who vote MUST have commented, and their vote should be shown in their post. And if the comment is removed due to it not contributing to the topic, the vote should also be removed. This way maybe we can finally have some civilized discussion on these boards.
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