My first lol post

Hi, this is my first ever lol post. I've been playing this game for around a year now, and I have a few things to point out and some ideas to share. - I'll start out with what is the most important and urgent and that is the mass amount of hacking/cheating going on. It is quiet blatant, like when a tank with a huge amount of HP is doing crazy assassin like damage. Riot take care of this and fast. Make some anti hack/cheat program of your own. - Next thing I want to point out is the overall bad reworks of champion drawings, 3d models and skill icons. Some examples I can give out are - Janna - Bad new drawing Sona - New skill icons look terrible Morgana - new 3d model looks horrible compared to the beautiful previous one (really a shame to touch such a beautiful work of art) Katarina - Bad new drawing Maokai - His new drawing and model are ok .. decent .. but the older ones were better. (Why didn't you give him a Traditional skin ?) Also he used to make cranking tree sounds every time he moved, now he only does it when he starts talking, quite a shame. Instead of making new drawings and 3d models I think you should just tweak the older/best ones. I know you crave new content, but you end up harming your own work, harming the core of game, harming artwork, for the sake of some mundane newness. - I have a suggestion and that is that at the champion viewing screen at the lobby make the drawing animated like at the launch loading screens, with the music and all. - Yi's highlander is extremely abusive. You made it so he can't be slowed at all, while sprinting. This is way too abusive. Ashe is one of my favorite champions, with slowing being her main feature, against Yi she is just pathetic/ridiculous. Make it so he can be slowed, at least partially, if not fully. - I have 2 new champion suggestions: A cyborg transformer, that transforms from cyborg/robot form to a small spaceship figher with a toggle, sort of like Elise. A black girl. There seems to be no black girl champion. There is one black guy and that is Lucian, but no black girl. So get working on some black girl champion :)
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