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Rito pls! I play league of legends from season 3. in season 4 i was lvl 30 so i start playing ranked. i won 6/10 games and i was put in bronze 3. I understand that because i was not so good. I played fun ranked games with players with the same skill lvl as me. But this year ... OH MAN. I won 7/10 games in january. I was put in BRONZE 2!!! I climbed up untill silver 5. I was like ok, it looks like silver is very hard to get into. But now Since march Some friends (they suck) Played their ranked games. One of them won 3/10!!!! He was placed in SILVER 4 !!!! Than another friend won 5/10 ! he was put in SILVER 2 !!! All the players that are noob are placed in silver!! This is just bullshit! I carry every game but these players ruined it for me! They troll or they feed or they do drake with shaco on lvl 4 -_-! This is the kind of bullshit i hate from rito ! I am really considering to just quit with league if they dont fix this! I really hate to do this but this is just pissing me of a long time!
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