It's time to change the AFK System

Riot, if something didnt happend to me this night i wouldnt even write this tiket, but i just lost a game 4v5, 3v5 for some time too, because one played didnteven connect to the game and the other one had some client problems. I'm writing this so i can maybe get an answer if the afk system will fiinally be reworked, because its awful in the current state :(. Im a gamer, and i play many other online games, and i noticed that all of them have a simple system which is: ifa player doesent connect to them game, the game wont start, simple as that. I know that u are worknig on a lot of new things to improve the game, and i really admire your hard work for everything you'vedone in so little time, but people get frustrated when this happens to them. I, for instance, get so frustrated afted such game and dont play League for the next 2/3 days until i forget. My point is,that its ruining the overall game status in players eyes, so with this, i beg you to considure this problem if u can. I counted around 16 lost games with one/two afk's in my team and won a bunch of them when the opponent had them too only in this season. I'm hopeing you understand the situacion that the League players are facing every day and hoping for a fix. Keep up the work and cheers <3

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