New Interface: Minimap Position

Hi When the new interace was announced I was really happy in the sense that I hoped for a way to make the interface more customizeable. Sadly I dont have acces to the PBE and from that Ive seen so far, there is no such a thing yet... From birth is suffer from a weakness of the eye muscles that roll the eye downwards (esp in the right eye) with makes it very hard for me to look down. I have no issues in the horizontal and upper regions and it doesnt really affect me very much in daily life. But in League of Legends I have massive troulbe keeping up with what happens on the minimap. While laning its highly important to keep up with that. In games that allow that kind of customization I have much better map awareness because I can put it in the upper left corner. I would be very happy to see this coming to League of Legends because its already a very friendly game of poeple who suffer from color blindness. I also could imagine that there are other people who would like such changes too. Keep up the good work
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