BUG: Neeko W doesn't work on structures when AP adaptive force is active.

- **Server:** EUW - **Type of Bug:** In game Bug - **Description:** Neeko's three hit passive on W doesn't proc on turrets again. It seems to be more to this problem than first noticed. Whether it works or not seems to be depend on your AD/AP. If your AD is your active 'adaptive force', it works. If your AP is your active 'adaptive force', it stops working again. Switching runes away from any adaptive force doesn't fix the issue. - **Video / Screenshot:** https://gyazo.com/60b52d486e4965d501d154dddb3ece2a SINGLE LONG SWORD = https://gyazo.com/d20a096b8d735b7744a7fb6fba90c617 SINGLE AMPLIFYING TOME = https://gyazo.com/c74f12dda075212be62c27fc9ed6da3c - **Steps to reproduce:** Skill W -> Don't buy any AD -> Attack turret -> See how your W doesn't stack nor deal damage to the turret when fully stacked by other means -> Buy a long sword (or any AD) and it will work again until you buy enough AP to switch your adaptive force calculation over. Hybrid items will sometimes work and sometimes not. - **Expected result:** W should stack up to 2 on Neeko when hitting a turret and then deal its damage to the turret on the third attack, regardless of AD/AP adaptive force calculations. - **Reproduction rate:** 100%, both live games and in practice tool. - **System specs:** N/A ----
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