[Patch 8.3] - Client Stuck In Pre-Game Champion Select [CLIENT] [EUW]

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So yeah, as the title says, during a ranked lobby the client bugged out and now the lobby won't close. This has never happened before, but I think it happened because I still had the champion select menu up when the ban phase began, and when I went to select a champion to ban it wouldn't let me actually click the ban button due to it being greyed out. I know it's not a connection issue on my end because I have a decent connection (See screenshot below). https://gyazo.com/004b6df574ed65516914348eaf5cf193 I am now prisoner to this lobby because I don't want to leave and take a hit to my LP and have to wait to requeue. (I work all day so having to wait to enjoy a game kinda sucks.)
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