Items self activating

Server: EUW Patch: 9.16 (and previous) Sometimes items, such as a stopwatch, self-activate. I use the defautl key-binds, so active items are on the keys 1,2,3... etc. This doesn't happen every game, but when it happens, it can occur repeatedly in the same game. A stopwatch will randomly go off at the wrong time, shortly after it's cooldown expires. Or i will start with a corrupting potion and when I go to use it, I notice that all 3 charges have already been used, without my intentionally using any of them. Now it's possible that in the heat of an intense PvP combat, I might accidentally activate an item. However i've also noticed it occur when I'm completely relaxed in bot games. And then i've immediately looked down to confirm exactly where my fingers are on the keyboard, and they're resting on QWE - exactly where I'd expect them to be. So I'm pretty damn sure that I'm not subconsciously responsible for all these random activations. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? All I can think to do at the moment is reinstall.
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