Actaully getting pissed

So what the actaull f*ck is going on? for the past 2 games loading into the game has been absolute shit. The 2nd game just got me pissed as hell. I'll quickly explain. game 1: Just loading into the game, i load in. everyone in already in their lane and minions have spawned. putting me as a jungler behind because i start my clear late. game2: me casually loading into the game. finally done loading. MY TEAM HAD ALREADY REMADE BECAUSE I DIDNT LOAD IN YET! It even gave me a leave leavebuster. I'm actaully so pissed of right now, This leavebuster is annoying as shit+ because of this i've lost 2 games of my placement that i probably could have won if i just loaded in propperly. Especially the 2nd game.. Angry regard, DitryNecro
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