8.9 Couldnt buy items

Server: EUNE Match Details: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1958779285/25007103?tab=overview Type of bug: In-game Description: Simple description: I couldn't buy Ardent (after i got items and needed gold it was still gray and Alt+ click was showing that i can purchase) same thing happened with zonya ( - | | - ). If it is of any use, my purchasing order in this game was: Frostfang + mobi boots+ Dark seal then i ubg Dark seal and started buying items needed for Ardent, and when i saw i cant get ardent i went for Redemption. This is first time that i encountered this bug. [(https://imgur.com/a/g0BWtkm)] here you can see me trying to get ardent [(https://imgur.com/a/SWu313S)] here you can see in chat that i can get it I would also like to report and Old price for selling broken stopwatch still applies when you look at items you want to buy from gold you get from it. Example: I have 200 gold, and i want to ubg my boots to mobi boots for which i need 600. when i sell broken stopwatch i dont get enough gold to get the ubg, but ubg isnt gray in shop.

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