[7.5]Viktor bug

A couple of patches have passed now.I think this bug has been here since patch 7.1 or 7.2 probably 7.1.I explained everything in my last post but it seems even tho it was in the top of the bug and boards posts for the 2 days, none of riot staff has seen it.I even reported this bug through the new client's bug report feature.This all happened in patch 7.3.At the moment patch 7.5 is active and nothing has been done.Here is the link of my last post where i explained everything in details http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/mdmaphjl-73viktors-r-disappearing-after-he-dies .So yesterday i decided to write a ticket to riot support where i also linked my post and explained how nothing has been done for this bug to be fixed and how i haven't even got any feedback to at least know that someone from riot acknowledged this bug.This is the response i got http://prntscr.com/ehnwpy .Now let me explain what i find pretty illogical here. " All bugs are recorded and fixed according to severity. As this is a champion bug which occurs in precise situations, it should not be of a very high priority." Ye so Viktor isn't a really popular pick these days and so the bug with him isn't as severe as for example Varus or any meta pick atm.What i find it funny is this http://prntscr.com/ehnyfl .I don't say fixing details is bad and actually it is nice to see that riot is taking even the smallest of stuff into consideration, but by the statement in the reply i got you basically said that this visual detail in Winter Wonder Oriana's recall is more important than a bugged champion's ability.Viktor's R disappears almost instantly after he dies even tho it shouldn't. This is actually a serious problem because as i explained in my last post your ult can decide the fight even after you die.Other thing is this "precise situation".I mean it isn't hard at all to simulate this bug.Like it isn't as close hard as that bug where if you jumped from 1 edge of Camille ult to another with Gnar you would oneshot champion.And that is the bug that got fixed in some of recent patches.Now please someone from riot at least acknowledge this thing because it has been here for too long and it should have been fixed by now.
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