TFT bugs

Stuck units seem to happend more and more.. seems to happend more if you have statikk shiv.. also happens after blitzcrank grab sometimes even after bugfix.. Demons burn mana even if you only have 1 demon Lucian has innate lifesteal (feature or bug??) The podium where the little legend stands is annoying to navigate, if you fall off you cant get back up and camera will %%%% around making you lose precious time.. Ghost items.. Ghost champs on bench. The traits or what its called (bonuses left side of screen) dont fit on screen once you get a bunch (maybe 10-15 something?) Some players occasionally spawn in middle of carousel, only first carousel.. Kassadin seems alot more rare then other 1 cost units.. Spell damage is sometimes listed as percentages and sometimes as flat and its also hard to tell what abilites are affected by spelldamage and what works with procs and so on...
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