Yo Riot! If you take 1/3 of the time you spend on weekly skins, the game will better.

Clearly, the EUW and probably the EUNE servers can't handle the pressure, especially when you try to force every single new thing or event in one day! Why would you do this to yourselves and to us like that? Right now, you're losing time and money because of this, and we're also using time and some of us are losing money as well. You must either add things little by little, Nexus Blitz first, wait one day, add Your Shop, and add the missions on the weekend after you manage to set up everything properly. The problem is that we're always the ones suffering from this nonsense and rushed events and new store content. Pretty sure that other small servers like NA, KR or TR are fine right now. Me and some friends were planning to buy the Pass + some Christmas skins and have a lot of fun tonight and for the rest of weekend, but so far, it's not looking great. I'm reading the "The platform is currently unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance." for the second time in less than 24 hours. As I said before, less weekly useless and unwanted skins, more work on the servers and on the client, please. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}

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