Thank you riot, just thank you

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Just thanks riot, for some reason even to log into the forums i have to put my password at least 4 times (even tho im typing it correctly) This week has been pure madness to me to play this game, for the past 4 days i´ve been having to reset my router to log into league, and even tho, i have to connect 6 times at least for the game to log me on, but thats not the bigger deal, this 2 days i have been discconected from the mayority of my games due to "lag" and the same happens when i am in champ select (currently i have lost at least 70lp due to dodging cause the champ select screen lags off or because i have been discconected in game) i´ve already sent a ticket to riot support and the only answer was that my internet provider is having problems, which i supposed, but i have played on my alt account and everything is fine in there, every single one of these problems comes out on my main account and at this time im sure that my internet provider is not the one causing the problems. So the only thing i have left to say is ty riot, i haven´t been able to enjoy this game for the last week because i have to go through a lot just to log in, and even tho i haven´t been able to play properly, i cant even get into games cause i just have dodged cause champ select screen lags right after the ban phase is over ^^.
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