It shows claimed Little Legends from Twitch, but didn't receive it

Twitch Prime | Teamfight Tactics
A Twitch Prime Account age 13+ and a League of Legends Account are required to take advantage of this offer. The first loot capsule must be redeemed between 9/18/2019 and 10/28/2019. The second loot capsule must be claimed between 10/28/2019 and 12/3/2019.
Hi, I have twitch Prime account linked to my LoL account and this month is supposed to give League of Legends: TFT Little Legends. I had already claimed Two Random Little Legends Little Legends Twin Egg, and it says claimed on Twitch Prime Loot, but on my LoL account it didn't appear even though the accounts are linked ( I know for sure since I claimed before from Twitch). It's already been 2 weeks since I claimed it, an I have not received even now. Can someone do something about it ? Thanks.
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