Bronze account in a Plat Ranked Game???

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So i don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but as far as I know people with MMR difference of 600+ aren't supposed to play together in a ranked, right(Smurfs excluded)? Cause yesterday I had a game in Ranked where there were 9 Plat accounts and 1 Bronze. Ironically we the 5 plats lost for 1 reason or another, which showed just how close bronze and plat actually are :/ . So after the game I went to to see if we were matched together, because this guy had insane MMR. But no he has average MMR for his rank. I probably wouldn't have even bothered writing this if that exact guy didn't decide to try to lecture me that morgana is bad in current meta and when asked of his opinion about zyra and nami in the meta saying they were bad too, at which point i decided to quit the lobby to save my brain cells. So I'm just curious, how is this bronze in my plat ranked game?? *NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD. YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGE WITHOUT DOWNLOADING IT.
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