Huge bug: Kayn and Mordekaiser ultimates R

hello everyone. so i searched about this bug and didn't find anything about this bug which makes me very very surprised since this is not a minor bug and it's a bug that would happen to any Kayn or Mordekaiser player in a game where they are in opposing teams. so the bug is the following: when Mordekaiser ults Kayn, if Kayn ults Mordekaiser and the Mordekaiser's ulti ends before Kayn leaves Mordekaiser's body, Kayn will not do the damage and the healing (if it's red Kayn), he will just be out of Mordekaiser's body without having dealt the damages and healing. so yeah i am surprised that i'm the only one to talk about it on the net since this is just gamechanging and very bad for Kayn and also because this bug is supposed to happen many times since any normal Kayn player would ult Mordekaiser during Mordekaiser's ult. please fix this bug it happens every single time, thank you for reading me
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