8.17 - Invisible unknown targets in Nexus Blitz

**Invisible unknown targets in Nexus Blitz** Server: EU West Patch: MatchID's: 3758910618 (Mundo's cleavers), 3759083331 (Amumu's bandage toss), 3758932735 (Kennen's Shuriken), 3758997039 (Renekton's dashes), 3758949368 (Vel'koz's Q's at endgame ~19:40 and other location) Type of Bug: in-game Details: Around Nexus Blitz, you seem to hit something invisible with your skills. Both teams can hit it, so it must be a neutral entity. The easy one to test on: Pre ~1 minute in the game, at the exact center of the lane in the middle. You can find and hit it 10/10 times as long as it's early enough in the game. After like 1 minute or something, it seems to disappear for us. A friend of mine has encountered the same bug in a slightly other location, around 19:40. Referring to the Vel'koz clip. I know Vel'koz Q can be triggered manually, but take my word for it, that's not what he was doing. So we could assume this bug appears around the whole map in an unknown amount of locations? Please, Riot, look at it as a global map glitch and not just as one in this specific one location. Games can be seriously impacted if the map is actually filled with this hoax blocking skillshots etc. Skills tested, confirmed and recorded: - {{champion:36}} Q - {{champion:85}} Q - {{champion:161}} Q - {{champion:58}} E (+1 jump) - {{champion:32}} Q Note: I realize my webm uploads are without sound, but I can tell you all skills make a clear sound as if it hits a normal target. Regards, Baden
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