Pantheon and Mordekaiser sound bug

This bug has been going on for a few patches now, and no one seems to speak about it, I guess most people just turn the volume down too much to notice. Everytime I play Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} , at some point in the game, he loses all his voicelines, not only the "moving" ones, but also the emotes and even the voicelines on spells; basically, he just mutes himself. He seems to unmute when he dies, but it usually doesn't last, since he just keeps going silent every now and then. I'm only reporting this now because today, I tested new Pantheon {{champion:80}} in a custom game, and noticed exactly the same bug, happening even earlier in the game. I think I've heard two voicelines of him and then nothing. All the other sounds work perfectly, spells SFX, other champs' voices are audible, announcer is ok, everything is fine on my end. Just the character stops speaking. I haven't tested much further to know what causes this, but I guess it's just some weird glitch with interactions and triggers, with all the new "encounter" voicelines, or even mechanics in the game.

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