Ornn Q true dmg in deathrecap

League deathrecap true dmg Ornn Q
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**Description:** Ornn Q damage is shown as true damage in the deathrecap **Server:** euw **Match Details:** https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3573580783/41778337?tab=overview **Type of Bug:** Visual bug, maybe gameplay **Details:** In one of my matches the damage from Ornn Q was shown as 100% true damage in the deathrecap. This might be because of him having the conqueror keystone (which transforms 20% of damage into true damage). I´m not sure wether or not this is the cause, but it is one possible explanation. either way though the complete Q damage should not be shown as true damage being dealt since it obviously isn´t 100% true damage. With death recaps in general being extremely unreliable and buggy I wouldn´t be surprised if there would be another cause or source for this type of wrong information display. Please fix
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