How to get Banned for the New client

Hi there. New client is nice etc, but not. Just simple thing... reconnect to match is impossible. Sometimes I have bug, when client just freeze. And I can do nothing. I can wait for 1,2,5,20 min - It wont work. But here is intresting thing - It will not be bugsplatt - so I just can't recconect. Cause client is open in 2 windows, and Client will not send signal to server that I left the match. And I can do anything, but I will not connect to this match ever again. Cause When I restart client - _"Match is still in progress"_ My status - _**"IN GAME"**_ And there is no reconnect button. You can restart client, restart internet, restart computer, reinstall windows - nothing will help. (I mean It, and I did all. + shut down process etc). You still have client window (with chat etc, not with match) and no button for reconnect. And this is problem. next I did 3 tickets to support about It. It was simple and hard versions. I will not write It, but It was many reports from my PC. Half of the Year - problem is still here. Btw. I could reconnect to the game with only 1 option - I could log into OLD client - then my ghost in match was log out and I could reconnect. But guess what, There is no old client now, but problem is still here. It was like 15-20 cases of this, and **I even got low priority for AFK**. Can't complain - I was AFK. But It Was fault of CLIENT not me, my PC, my internet. - Still I have such problems, Riot do nothing about It and soon I will get ban or restriction for new LoL client. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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