I got a 14 day ban for a litlle thing just a litlle thing

Game 1 In-Game GamingJuni: np blitz lly <3 GamingJuni: umm dont be toxic already boy and i was with you if you jump in the tower and die not my problem GamingJuni: wot GamingJuni: toxic little %%%got xd GamingJuni: nah nah still ly GamingJuni: yi why go top cait was low but next time ? GamingJuni: im fcking stupid GamingJuni: :3 GamingJuni: ca,cer <3 i also lly we have the best love hate relation GamingJuni: :/ GamingJuni: df GamingJuni: d GamingJuni: f GamingJuni: df GamingJuni: d GamingJuni: true GamingJuni: lets them not steal the drake this time GamingJuni: poppy make me good bye making me your slave GamingJuni: we know live is hard with idiots GamingJuni: gj yi GamingJuni: do yes GamingJuni: do yes %%% GamingJuni: xd GamingJuni: nice nicenice reeee GamingJuni: ait bby i love you GamingJuni: bro help GamingJuni: someon it was so close GamingJuni: wtf GamingJuni: still sry team for toxic stil i love you guys GamingJuni: its just late GamingJuni: no i end GamingJuni: lokk GamingJuni: look GamingJuni: %%%% GamingJuni: welp GamingJuni: i tried and i just saw the turret gain hp GamingJuni: gg because of this just wow
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