Statement regarding the state of the client...?

Did I maybe miss something that they said about the client? It seems impossible to me that nothing was communicated, the game is unplayable for thousands of players, can you at least say SOMETHING? Tell us you are working on it? Reinstalling did nothing except introduce new issues. Both my duo partner and I have a big black nothing on the right side of the client, we cannot queue together at all. Disconnects in the client happen every few seconds, impossible to find games that way. Masteries are not being saved in champ select. Smite isnt even given to jgl role automatically anymore, which sucks, because summoner spells are also not being saved, fck yeah, who doesnt love jungling without smite. We cant't see summoner names in chat, hard to communicate anything pre game that way. Wait, now we can't even see chat at all, no way to communicate whatsoever, also good. Is your chat broken too? Is that why you don't communicate? I'm sorry if I'm blind, maybe I did miss something, but damn, this is a mess.
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