My honor level DROPPED during the start of season 9

Hi, **TLDR; This is only about honor level BELOW level 2, every comment about honor levels above 2 should be ignored** I was honor level 1, last checkpoint, but now with the ranked reset of season 9, you also dropped my honor level from level 1 & 3 checkpoints to level 1 & 0 checkpoints. That is not really fair as it is supposed to let you climb back. Especially since I send a ticket to RIOT after I got chat restricted. They told me the following about honor levels: > Regarding your rewards, you already got them, so they will stay on your account ^^ > >Regarding Honor, it will start at level 1, and will only reset if you reach Honor level 2 before Season 9's start. If not, it will be kept at level 1 and what checkpoint you achieved. So, I ask you, very nicely, to bring my honor level back to the old level! **EDIT:** Riot noticed this! They fix it within 48 hours (which is today?)! [twitter](
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