36 LP LOST thanks to potato client

So here I was, thinking about playing some ranked. I start the game without issues, but 2 mins into the game it crashed and I COULDNT CONNECT FOR 18 (!!!!!!) MINUTES... Came back to my team being mad at me (I can't blame them) and being reported x9.... SECOND GAME I come in, no issues... but after 2 minutes IT CRASHES AGAIN.... this time it worked after reconnecting but my vayne had the same and crashed 3 times during the game... game lost in 18 minutes. Thank you riot, I try to rank up and now I am forced to gain back 2 wins JUST TO FIX THE LP I LOST DUE TO THE BAD CLIENT. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I swear, if I get banned for these 'AFK' times, I'm going to come visit your %%%%ing headquarters

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