[BUG] Dragon Sorceress Zyra Visual Bug

• Server: EUNE • Type of Bug: in-game (visual) bug • Description: There's a black/dark purple line connecting Dragon Sorceress Zyra's in-game model and the upper left side of the screen. • Video / Screenshot: [Screenshot 1](http://imgur.com/uAZToX0), [Screenshot 2](http://imgur.com/LN4eqAE), [Screenshot 3](http://imgur.com/nAc408h). • Reproduction steps: Put Dragon Sorceress skin on Zyra and walk around. I think it requires a lower screen resolution for it to happen. • Expected result: A black/dark purple line connecting your upper left screen with Zyra's in-game model. • Observed result: It happens in every game and mode for as long as the model moves. If you stand it disappears. • Reproduction rate: Happens always (constantly).

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