Hey I got a leaver buster warning on aram when the client froze.

I was playing some arams with my friend and I got froze at the loading screen. Me and 3 other players during the game (My team.) were not connected. (I heard from my friend.) Sounds like a larger issue but I dont know. I froze at the loading screen and tried to force shut the game with my task manager to I could reconnect but the overlay from league made it impossible to access my task manager. I ended up having to restart my PC and I did reconnect midway through the aram... we lost regardless. Then I get this guilt trip message from Riot telling me as if I did it on purpose or that it was a connectivity issue (Neither applying to this case. ) Cant recall any other instances this happened so this just came out of the blue. But I sort of feel vilified for something out of my control. I did to the best my ability to rejoin the game and dont wanna be penalized for a (Client issue.) I understand why the leaver buster is a thing and Im not saying its a bad thing, but I just wanna throw my 2 cents into defending myself here. So whatever warning I got from that game I would like it to go away. Its happened before across all my years on league of legends but it happens so rarely its prolly a non issue and wont happen again, but heres to clearing my name and incase it happens again... I dont think its justly ban worthy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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