Bugsplat, Client error, Summoner spell error , Rune save error, reconnect error, ETC PROBLEMS

I was just playing a ranked game, suddenly the whole screen went black, had to restart the computer, the league client somehow changed to NA server and patched it to NA instead of staying EUW while i was playing a game and the game kicked me. I stopped the patching switched back to EUW tried to reconnect to the match i was playing before, but the loading screen always froze at 80% with different error messages like: Cant connect to the server, Cant reach the maestro server, bugsplat etc. After about 17 min i managed to rejoin the match i was playing obviously we lost it. And this is not the first time the client and servers disconnects me and stops working and it is not the first time i cant reconnect the game. Internet is very good, the computer also very good so it cant be the problem. I have the bugsplat problems at the client starts laso about 7/10 when i try to open the League Client a bugsplat kicks me have to play a lottery game to be able to connect to the EUW server, and ofc have to wait for the queu, and many times the store the loot and from yesterday the match history system are almost unable the reach for me cuz a not known error. I already reinstalled the windows, repaired the client, uninstall and reinstall the client but the same things are happening and its getting worse and worse every day a new bug or problem appears. Not to mention the fact that if i try to save my summoner spells and runes pages in the last 4 seconds before the game starts usually it shows that is saved but in game i have the old summoner spells and runes (dont save the new pages) or just show a message in champ select like unacquired error, cant save the runes, spells or something like this. (the saving problem can be appear everytime i try to save the new runes and spells but if i'm in the last 4 seconds it almost 100% that my runes and masteries wont be the new in game, although the client saved the new and selected ones or at least shows them). Another bug that every time and reopen the client at champ select my runes page shows always the first 1, no matter if i click on the last 1 and edited it. If i open them i show ticks at both (the first 1 and the "selected" one) and always shows the first page name. i've been playing league for many years but never had these kind of problems before. After this "new" league client thousands of bugs are appearing and it is so annoying. Example for an error: " There was an error, saving runes pages" (just got it now again)

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