3rd day that EUNE doesn't work

_This post isn't just about login issue, but every other Eune has constantly._ With every new patch, server falls apart, bugs whatever. With patch 6.13 it all started with bugs in champ select (can't ban, pick or just puts you out of it). Now it has been 3rd day for me that Eune doesn't work, so i spend my free time leveling account on Euw. One and only comment from Riot employee was in a small post of the guy complaining the same thing and their answer was only "we realize the issue, we are working on it" . Luckily i saw it so i know that, but others don't and they keep ask around. My concern here are my players from Eune and in their best interest, i want an official statement about this situation. Moreover, i want a statement regarding the fact that server falls apart with every new patch and why only Eune. As most of us know, Eune shuts down probably couple of times a month, but bugs happen daily. I'm questioning your love for Eune with this kind of behavior when it comes to company that depends on its players (others and EUNE). Everytime server is down, i post about it and all it gets is downvoted and not answered by Riot. If you would be very kind Eune players and others who are willing to do is to participate in this, to finally answer and do something about it. Please participate! Thank you
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