Patch 7.19 Xin Zhao Rework Autoattack freezing following Q + W combo

So I've look on the forums and saw that Xin Zhao had a bug post patch 7.6 in which his upon using his Q to attack an jungle camp / minion he would stop moving after the 2nd/3rd on hit for roughly 2-3 seconds before then auto attack kicked back in or it was interrupted by an different ability like E or just clicking to initiate auto attack. This bug was down to the auto attack modifiers and a hot-fix was devised and deployed. However post patch 7.19 it would appear the same bug has resurfaced on the xin rework. I've noticed when attacking jungle camps if I use his Q followed by his W usually on the 2nd hit of the Q. Xin will stop moving and auto attack is paused for roughly 2-3 seconds. By then auto attack resumes or I've already clicked on my E ability or clicked on the monster to re-initiate attacking. This is especially infuriating when trying to get objectives like scuttlecrab in a hurry and you attack him only to be froze in place.
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