Queue penalties

They're absolute shit. One person on our team has it and we all have to wait 20 minutes extra, that's fine and understandable, but then the shitty client that runs on garbage code just flunks on one of the players so we all have to wait 20 more minutes. If you're going to make a feature like this, at least make sure your shit works like intended. That was the TLDR, so here is the long version. Me and 4 other friends queued up for a ranked flex and one of our players has a 20 minute queue penalty. Fine. I'll just work on my programming for 20 minutes. Long story short, we wait out the 20 minutes. Everyone accepts, we get into champ select and all is fine, until the enemy team dodges. Ok. The queue timer continues as normal and we get the accept prompt. Cool, but here's the deal. One client, JUST ONE client of all the five clients has decided to bug out so that only 4 of us can see and accept the prompt. We now have to wait another 20 minutes. It's great that you punish players, but please, now you're just punishing the rest of us as well for your client being absolute garbage

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